Diabetes Support Group

The Diabetes Support Group (DSG) provides a positive, safe, and informative environment for diabetic (and non-diabetic) patients to discuss relevant challenges with each other and with the Willow DSG facilitators. Each week, at least two DSG members present directed information on a pertinent diabetes-focused topic (such as nutrition, emergencies, hygiene, and exercise) and facilitate discussion between individuals. We aim to reduce disease burden by presenting practical and meaningful solutions, employing motivational interviewing techniques and giving out tools that may be useful for patients to manage their diabetes (such as pedometers).

DSG presentations are conducted 5 consecutive Saturdays every 3 months from around 10AM to 12PM at the Salvation Army cafeteria. Attendance at every session is recommended because we will be discussing a different topic every session. However, if you are unable to attend every session, we understand! We will still be able to assist you and you can collect information booklets for topics that you may have missed. At the end of the discussion, along with information booklets, we give out prizes useful for managing diabetes such as pedometers!

For more information and for upcoming dates, please email willowclinicdsg@gmail.com. We look forwards to working with you!