The Willow Clinic provides a variety of services to our patients through specialized teams, allowing our clinic to better serve our patient population.


Wellness Night

Wellness Night is a weekly event held at the Salvation Army that promotes the healthy balance between the physical, mental, and social well-being of the homeless population in Sacramento. The program provides supplies for art therapy and offers free yoga classes every Friday from 7-8 pm. Wellness Night strives to promote healthy ways of dealing with stress and allows a warm and comfortable environment for free artistic expression. It is a unique experience that gives the undergraduate student an opportunity to connect with the underserved population on a more personal level outside of the clinical setting by listening to life stories and showing compassion. Check out some of the art we have created here.


Grant Team

Grant team exists to provide support in the form of supplies and finances through applying for grants. Members work in tandem with all levels of leadership to research and pursue grant opportunities to manage the significant cost inherent to running the best free clinic in the continental U.S. Grant team member responsibilities include: researching grants for which Willow may qualify, assisting with writing applicable grants, and attending periodic meetings as needed.


Pharmacy Sub-Committee

The Pharmacy Sub-Committee serves to run the Pharmacy arm of Willow Clinic. As it is necessary that all members are able understand how to perform pharmacy duties, this sub-committee is dedicated to teaching and guiding all members the correct ways to fill the position on clinic days. In addition to educating the clinic as a whole, this subcommittee will perform audits, present during clinic Monday meetings, and learn more about the field of pharmacy.


Healthy Breast

The Healthy Breast Program strives to promote awareness of breast health among homeless women. Through education, advocacy, and support, our goal is to encourage more homeless women to get screened earlier for breast cancer and to be aware of their own breast changes.


Media-Technology Committee

The media committee is in charge of capturing the Willow Clinic and informing the public via social media networks and other promotional outlets. As members, you will be either taking photographs or fiming events, clinic days, social and so on. You will also help with the end of the year banquet video as well as a slideshow.


WERC (Willow Education and Resources Committee)

WERC is designed to provide patients the information they need on how to live a healthy lifestyle. We provide brochures and presentations to give a thorough and simple explanation of certain diseases that can be contracted, nutritional guidance, and information on how the Willow Clinic can help!


Diabetes Support Group

The Diabetes Support Group provides a positive, safe, and informative environment for diabetic patients to discuss relevant challenges with both each other and Willow team member facilitators. Each week, two Willow Clinic members present directed information on a pertinent topic (such as nutrition, emergencies, hygiene, and exercise) and facilitate discussion between individuals. We aim to reduce disease burden by presenting practical and meaningful solutions (and free tools such as pedometers) and employing motivational interviewing techniques.


Women’s Clinic

Willow Women’s Clinic offers well woman exams (breast exams, etc.), STI testing, STI and infection treatments, and any other gynecological health concerns.