Typical Day

Our mornings at the Willow Clinic begin 8 am on Saturday morning as the volunteers race to set up at the Salvation Army. Four different stations exist: reception, intake, pharmacy and the preceptor room. The medical students and preceptors then come in as we are busy setting up. By 8:30 am the clinic is set up and ready to see the first patient.


By this time our patients have been lined up in the reception lobby waiting to be seen. An undergraduate volunteer is working at reception, signing up the patient’s names and completing the other necessary forms. These forms include a past medical history form and the HIPAA agreement. The patient is then led back to the intake room by another undergraduate volunteer, who will proceed to collect the patient’s vitals and chief complaint. Once all the information is successfully obtained the patient will be placed in their respective room and the volunteer will present the case to a medical student. The medical student will then complete an initial examination of the patient, followed by the doctor who will give the final examination.


The process doesn’t end here though. Because the Willow Clinic has an in-clinic dispensary, they have the option of picking up most prescriptions here at clinic itself. If not, the Willow Clinic can also provide a variety of other resources to help the patient reach a pharmacy. Additionally, the Willow Clinic provides a variety of other services including a Diabetes Support and Management¬†Group, Art Therapy a Nutrition program and Educational Programs.


Clinic will typically end in the afternoon, around one o’clock. Once the last patient has successfully been seen, the clinic is able to wrap up for the day. Any patient we could not see for the day is always welcome to come back early the following Saturday morning!