Prospective Volunteer

Before our next cycle, we will be posting flyers, chalking chalkboards, holding table sessions at the Silo, and sending emails through the UC Davis ICC list serve and UC Davis HBS list serve. We will also hold an information night where you’ll have the chance to speak to current undergraduate members and first-year medical students. If you are interested in joining The Willow Clinic, we encourage you to submit an application during the next application period.

Please note that applicants must be either a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or a Senior who is planning to be a student for the following full academic year at UC Davis by the time they submit the application, and must be a student at UC Davis for the following year.


Next Application Cycle: Spring 2017

Application: Willow Clinic Application 2017

Quick Dates:

  • Application Release: Spring 2017
  • Application Due: Friday, April 28 at 11:59 P.M
  • Informational Night: Tuesday, April 18 7-9 P.M at Grove 1309
  • Interview: TBD

Clinic Requirements:

  • Must attend Monday night meetings at the UC Davis campus from 7:10-8:30 P.M. during the academic year
  • Must attend 4 Saturday Clinics per quarter and summer session
  • Must have 5-10 hours per week available for clinic activities
  • Attendance is required on these days: Training Day (Sunday, May 21), Veteran’s Day, Coat Drive (TBA)

All majors are welcome, NO car/transportation requirement, NO language requirement! All are welcome to apply if they meet the above requirements!

***UCDMC Requirements***

Because we are affiliated with UCDMC, all volunteers must be cleared by the UCDMC Volunteer Services and have proof of the following vaccinations:

  • Tuberculosis (TB) Test (PPD test): 2 TB tests – one within the last 3 months and another no older than a year. (Suggestion – if you can’t remember when you last had a TB test, get the shot and have it read, then retest a week later. Have proof available as this will be your 2-step TB test).
  • Rubella (German Measles): Proof of MR or MMR immunization or serology showing immunity to Rubella.
  • Rubeola (Measles): Two doses of Measles Vaccine (or MMR) in a lifetime.
  • Chicken Pox (Varicella): REQUIRED by UCDMC. Vaccination (2 shots required – 4 weeks apart) or proof of immunity by serology test for chicken pox. (There is no cost for registered UCD students with SHIP to receive varicella vaccinations at SHWC).
  • Hepatitis B Series is Recommended for UCDMC internships.
  • Accepted volunteers must attend the orientations at UCDMC (TBA) if they have not already done so.