We provide extraction services when a tooth is broken down or decayed to the point where it is no longer restorable. A damaged tooth left untreated will often become infected. Leaving infection untreated will eventually cause pain. More importantly, this infection can travel throughout the bloodstream and negatively affect the entire body.

  • Most extractions can be completed in 10-20 minutes
  • Recovery from most extractions is complete within a week
  • Complications are not common however smoking and vigorous spitting increase the likelihood

Dental Radiographs (X-rays)

X-rays are taken as needed to assist in diagnosing the location and depth of decay and/or infection.


Periodontal Therapy

Regular dental cleanings and “deep” cleanings are provided during most dental clinic days. Left untreated, periodontal (gum) infections can be very painful and will lead to tooth loss. This infection can be very detrimental to the overall health especially in patients who have heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease and hypertension.

  • Appointments last about an hour and some patients require more than one appointment
  • Recovery depends on the depth of the disease, however; most patients are very comfortable with-in 24 hours


We can provide some dental fillings when the decay is limited. Depending on the location and depth of decay we may use silver, tooth colored or temporary fillings. If untreated, small decay will increase and the tooth may be lost as a result.

  • Most fillings can be completed in 20-30 minutes
  • It can take up to 24 hours for a filling to be cured completely
  • Complications are rare and only occur when the decay was quite extensive. Hot and cold sensitivity may occur for a few days

About Dental

Heidi Christopher RDH is Willow Clinic’s hygiene coordinator and a consistent volunteer hygienist. Heidi has been working in many aspects of dentistry for 25 years. She regularly donates her knowledge and services to several organizations concentrating on the underserved people of our community.